Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Yet another phoney.... and this gets Fugly!

This one I've been chomping at the bit for quite sometime.
If there is one thing I can't stand, it's a p.h.o.n.e.y.
A REAL horse EXPERT does not have time to post on a blog daily for 3 years! or even weekly for 3 years for That! matter.

My belief is This.
If you can not train your own horse, you are not qualified to give out advice.
If you can not trim or shoe your horse, you are not qualified to give out advice.
This excluding vets of course. I am NOT! speaking of friend to friend advice, I'm speaking of publication advice. I am speaking of the so called "phoney" wannabe "professional"
And my qualified reason for This is... you do not fully understand proper movement of a horse and to give out advice online to unsuspecting people of your unqualified expertise and leading them into your web or should we say website of bullshit is wrong.

There is one thing I expect from people who advise others, it is Quality Character.
You don't have quality character, you are a piece of shit in my book.

It's amazing how if you do the 'research' on someone what you will find.

So let's get on with it. Just a quick list of things you shouldn't have done, when you are NOT an EXPERT, not in TRAINING, not in BREEDING, not in EQUINE anything, health or farrier.

1. Condemn kids' parents for minuscule bullshit. These days, it seems to be whenever a kid is around a horse, you want to run to the authorities. This suggests to me you don't have kids. That would be God Sent Sweetheart... for the unborn child. Yet somehow you are an expert on Children and what is best for them and their safety... coooonstantly!
2. Ram... not point, RAM your finger into people's shit, that you yourself have done in the past. Niiiiiiice. Wanna Deny It??? It's all over the internet.... most in YOUR words! with all your "secret" blogs... you don't really promote those blogs on your "main" blog now do you.
3. Judge Judge Judge. Especially when you've never been a judge! That pretty much sums up a LOT! ------ HAHAHA! and I still can NOT get over your body language in EVERY PHOTO you got posted on your "other" blog... FEAR! FEAR! FEAR! and you criticize Linda Parelli.... AHAHAHA.. YOU are unprecedentedly! Wooorse! absolutely amusing! you are.
4. Kept your mouth shut when people you got a problem with were standing right in front of you. Instead you Shoot your mouth off on the computer. You know... where you are braver and got your "posse"
5. State you are not an Expert, yet continue to ADVISE ON YOUR BLOGS! and in your column! If THAT AIN'T an oxymoron!!! I don't know what is!!!
6. Condemning rescue facilities that Have NO bad write up online or legitimate investigations pending or ever pursued upon them... THAT you have NEVER YOURSELF visited. . Just relying on "What you heard from your so called posse... which would include a whole ONE person in that facility's region" .... Really good research there!

6 really pisses me off... just because they are not sucking your t*t doesn't mean they are not running a professional facility! Such a buddy agenda you got going on there you PHONEY
This list could go on for days............. One question I would REALLY like an answer to is... HOW IN THE HELL DO YOOOU. YOU KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON IN TEXAS??? You DON'T. So shut the HELL up about shit you don't have clue about!

Look lets just cut to the chase. You "Wanna-be" an expert in the badest of badest ways! Let me put it to you this way....
If you have blogged for 3 years , POST DAILY, promoted the SHIT out of your website, blogging, tweeting.. all OVER the Web, even via publication. and you only have just over 1,000 followers... There's something wrong with your shit!

I wouldn't give two horse shit piles for your "opinions" for the simple fact, you ask more questions than post quality information, along with your bad character is blasted all over the world wide web. And for someone who has Never worked at the race track and posts blog entries on it.... absolutely nauseating!! Get over yourself broad! I'm against a LOT of shit done at the track, I worked at the racetracks. But I'm fed up with people like you who think their "opinion" should be seriously considered when you have NO EXPERIENCE!!!! Just shows your egotism and the deep desire for your disturbing yearn for your ego to be stroked!!
And you keep asking the
Q. So what do you think?
You keep asking that question because subconsciously YOU KNOW YOU DON'T HAVE A CLUE AND NEED ADVICE on your opinion!
THAT!!! Is the ONLY Reason A person asks THAT Question!!
Well now you know what "I" Think! LOL!

Q: How do you get medicine (on a wound) on an annoyed wild stressed horse that will not stand still and is kicking?... No drugs, No ropes, No yelling, No other helper. Just you, the horse, and the wound medicine.
Topic phoney couldn't answer that question on the spot. she would have to ask around. I promise you!!! I've been around and only the Great one's know the answer... or might I say one's who have "common sense".

If there is someone I am NOT going to take advice from.... It's a 'city broad' who has to shuttle out to her boarded horses!! You don't own an equine facility, because you have NO knowledge that you can offer to people on a daily basis for monetary value! If you did... you would have a facility As do us professional equine trainers / farriers.
Jealous bitch???? you're just a broad with a blog.

You should stick to what you do best posting pictures of starving horses and the court contacts. Other than that. PHONEY!


Anonymous said...

If you keep posting, I'll keep reading. That phony bitch needs someone to take her to task.

Anonymous said...

Danke!! The Idiot know as Cathy Atkinson needs more people to knock her off her high horse that she cant train or ride....

HorseCommonSense said...

I use to click over there and briefly read the first paragraph or so, when a starving horse was posted, rarely posted, never read her "posse" comments.
Then one day I began to read through... and what I read got me angry, she's really misinforming these kids online. I say kids, because you can see majority of them are kids, when you are my age.

Not only is she misleading people on her blog with equine information, she's flat out brainwashing them! And she "bashes" the Parelli's... hahaha
I think she's jealous of them.
No. I'm not a Parelli fanatic. HELL of a marketer though! hahaha

Yes, I will try and call her out when I find the time. I can't do a daily blog like her, I actually have horses & clients to tend to on a daily basis. :)

Anonymous said...

what if someone can't afford their own doesn't make them any less a horse person or w/e. no real comment on the fugly blogger, though I do like her writting style better lol. why believe either of you?